Loading Photos

Add Photos Wizard

Photos are loaded into the project using the Photos Wizard. The following methods are available:

§  Load one or more photos or a folder of photos from your file system. Read external photo orientation and internal camera parameters from the Exif tags.

§  Load an Excel, XML, or CSV file that references the photos and includes external photo orientation and internal camera parameters.

§  Extract individual frames from video and save them as image files.

§  Load a PhotoMesh project. When a PhotoMesh project (.PhotoMeshXML) is loaded into a second project, only the project’s photos and photo and collection parameters are loaded.

Note:    Photos with calculated aerotriangulation data and internal camera parameters from INPHO, BINGO, or Stellacore file can also be imported. See "Importing Photos with Metadata" in this chapter.

Photos can only be loaded when Review mode is off. See "About Reviewing Your Build" in the "Reviewing Your Build" chapter for more information about Review mode.

After photos are loaded, they are automatically validated. This process checks for any missing data, such as focal length, sensor width/pixel size, or coordinate system information. It also verifies the validity of photo properties, such as photo dimensions, focal length value, and principal point (not too far from photo center). If discrepancies are detected, a warning or error symbol is displayed in the Project Tree to alert you to view and correct the issues. For more information on the specific problem, you can click the warning/error symbol to open a comprehensive Quality Report. See "Viewing a Quality Report" in the "Reviewing Your Build" chapter for more information. If only photos were loaded and no build was yet performed, the report will only contain the relevant sections.