Granting Edit or View Access

Edit and view access can be set for each layer, to determine which users will have permission to access the layer: None, Only Me, My Group, Everyone (public layer), or Selected List (of groups, users, or sites).

Users with valid view access for a layer can list, view and load the layer (opened from TerraExplorer Desktop, TerraExplorer for Web, WFS/WMS clients, etc.). In addition to loading the layer, users with edit access can also perform layer transactions from TerraExplorer Pro and any WFS-T client.

When setting default permissions for a layer, you have the option to grant access to a Selected List of groups, users, or sites.

To grant edit or view access to a layer:

1.      From the SkylineGlobe Server Manager menu, select Layers. The Layers page is displayed.

2.      Right-click the layer, and point to Set View Access / Set Edit Access, and select any of the following: None, Only Me, My Group, My Site, Everyone, Selected List. Use Ctrl-click or Shift-click to multi-select layers.

3.      If you want to grant access to selected groups, users, or sites, do the following:

a.      Select Selected List. The Select Entities dialog box is displayed.

b.      In the Groups and Users tab, select the required groups/users.

c.      In the Sites tab, select all the required sites.

d.      Click OK.