Setting a Public URL

After installing SkylineGlobe Server, a public URL should be set, i.e., the URL that should be used from client computers to connect to the server. By default, the public URL is set to http://<SG Server>/SG where <SG Server> is the IP or name of the machine on which SkylineGlobe Server is installed. In some cases, this URL may not be correct, and therefore should always be verified post-installation.

Note:   If the site is secured use https instead of http.

Note:    TE4W can be optimized by creating subdomains. See "Subdomains in the “Performance Tips and Guidelines” chapter and “Setting TerraExplorer for Web Settings” in the “SkylineGlobe Server Settings” chapter for more information.

To set your server’s public URL:

1.      From the SkylineGlobe Server menu, select Settings. The Settings page is displayed.

2.      In the General Settings section, enter the required Public URL.

3.      Click Save.