What is the Point Cloud Service

The SkylineGlobe Server Point Cloud Service streams multi-resolution and stream-optimized point cloud data from CPT files to remote TerraExplorer clients. The Point Cloud Service also exposes the data as OGC 3D Tiles for TerraExplorer for Web and Cesium based clients.

Point cloud models are created from a list of points in a 3D area that are collected by various 3D scanners. The TerraExplorer MakeCPT tool converts point cloud data from various formats to a unified, visualization and stream-optimized Skyline-proprietary Point Cloud file (CPT) format. Supported input formats include all of the following:

§  LAS files containing LiDAR point cloud data

§  PTS files

§  Point cloud text files (.txt, .xyz)

§  QuantaPoint files (.soe, .qps, .qpxyz)