Adding Grid Shift (TIFF, GSB, GTX) Files

SGS includes a repository of grid shift files which are streamed dynamically to the various TerraExplorer clients. GeoTIFF grid shift files are used for accurately shifting and transforming layers between coordinate systems that have different datums. For backward compatibility, GSB and GTX grid shift files are also currently supported. If the repository doesn’t include certain grid shift files required by a client, they can be added to the SharedProjData folder located under the Server Configuration Database Folder (whose location was defined during SGS installation), e.g., C:\SkylineGlobeServerConfiguration\SharedProjData\.

TerraExplorer clients (Desktop, Fusion, Mobile) dynamically use these files if the Well-Known Text (WKT) of a layer’s coordinate system references a particular grid shift file that was not bundled with their installation. See TerraExplorer User Guide” for more information.