DirectConnect Performance Issues

When working with a server cluster for load balancing and failover, SkylineGlobe Server uses the TerraBuilder fuser on each of the servers to process the layer blocks. In this situation, multiple processes may simultaneously access the same source files on a shared local or network hard drive that is not fast enough, and a bottleneck can occur.

To avoid this potential bottleneck, we recommend using a fast hard drive that is connected to each participant computer through the fastest possible network connection. Solid State (SSD) drives and Storage Area Network (SAN) may provide even better performance.

When facing extreme bandwidth issues, you should also consider creating multiple copies of your source files and placing them on the local drives of each of the computers in the server cluster. This allows each computer sole access to the sources, reducing access time, and lowering the traffic on the network.
‎For example, if your source files are located on the mapped drive “M:\MySources”, map the M drive letter on each of the cluster’s servers to a local drive. Leave the Directories settings as is, so that each computer reads the source files from its local drive.