Granting Edit or View Access

Edit and view access can be set for most of the data source types, to determine the default permission level for all layers from this data source: None, Only Me, My Group, Everyone, or Selected List (of groups, users, or sites).

Users with valid view access for a layer can list, view and load the layer (opened from TerraExplorer Desktop, TerraExplorer Fusion, WFS/WMS clients, etc.). In addition to loading the layer, users with edit access can also perform layer transactions from TerraExplorer Pro and any WFS-T client.

 To set the edit or view access for a data source:

1.      From the SkylineGlobe Server Manager menu, select Data Sources. The Data Sources page is displayed.

2.      Select the required data source, and click Properties. The Data Source Properties dialog is displayed.

3.      In the Connection Parameters section, select a View Access and an Edit Access. If you want to grant access to selected groups, users, or sites, do the following:

a.      Select Selected List. The Select Entities dialog is displayed.

b.      In the Groups and Users tab, select the required groups/users.

c.      In the Sites tab, select all the required sites. This option is only available to super administrators.

d.      Click OK.

Note:        If you want to automatically grant access to future members who are added to a group, make sure to select the required group name in the Select Entities dialog. If only individual members in a group are selected, only they will be granted access, and not future added members (until access permissions are updated). 

4.      If you want to update the data source layers with these property changes, click Save & Scan to rescan the data source. See "Scanning Data Sources" in this chapter for more information.

5.      If you want to save the property changes without updating the layers, click Save.