Selecting a Layer Version

TerraExplorer projects (FLY layers) can be updated and saved back to SkylineGlobe Server while maintaining the same connection URL, using the "Update existing" publishing option. This ensures that users automatically get the latest version of the project. This option also maintains a history of all previous project iterations, offering the ability to revert to any prior version when necessary. In SGS Manager, you can select which version of a FLY layer should be served to TerraExplorer clients when loading the layer. By default, the latest version is served.

Layer aliases serve as an alternative method of updating layers and can also be utilized for other layer types. See "Adding and Editing a Layer’s Alias" in the "Working with Layers" chapter for more information.

To select a layer version:

1.     From the SkylineGlobe Server Manager menu, select Layers. The Layers page is displayed.

2.     Right-click the row with the required layer, and select Select Version. The Select Version dialog box is displayed.

Select Version Dialog Box

3.     Select a Version from the dropdown list, and click Save.