RGB Plug-in

The RGB plug-in enables loading several one-band image files, into TerraBuilder, as one RGB source file. The plug-in loads files in MCN format (*.mcn). To create an MCN file, create an ASCII file with a .mcn extension, and update the following:

LayerSrcPlug=mpuplg.rct/bmpplg.rct/tifplg.rct...  //specify TerraBuilder plug-in to use to read the individual sources.


LayerSrcBAND_R=fullpath\red_SourceName  //Specify the source file for the RED level
LayerSrcBAND_G=fullpath\green_SourceName  //Specify the source file for the GREEN level
LayerSrcBAND_B=fullpath\blue_SourceName  //Specify the source file for the BLUE level

This feature can be useful to create an RGB image from different Landsat TM bands.