URL Parameters

When using the web app, certain parameters can be defined from the URL query string, including the project to load and the TE app configuration.

 To define these parameters:

Append the required parameters to the end of your TE URL query string. Multiple parameters can be added using a ‘&' to separate between parameters (e.g., http://www.skylineglobe.com/sg/terraexplorerweb/terraexplorer.html? config=config.kml&catalogid=12345&lang=chinese). Use the following format for each of the parameters:

web project to load - The project is identified by its catalog ID (catalogid) in SkylineGlobe Server.




web configuration - This defines various elements of your web app including which layers TE can connect to, your website subdomains, screen overlay logo, copyright text, and search provider. Customized configurations are created in the TerraExplorer for Web Settings section of the Settings page. SeeCreating Additional Customized Configurations” in the SkylineGlobe Server User Guide for information.



*… /TerraExplorer.html?config=Public