Exporting 3D Mesh Layers to Models

TerraExplorer offers a wide range of options for exporting polygonal areas of a mesh layer, e.g., buildings, to individual OBJ models to enable you to easily extract precisely the areas that you need. The number of OBJ models created for each polygon depends on the extracted area's texture size, with the maximum texture size per model being approximately 1024 x 1024 pixels. A point feature layer is also created in the export process that contains the models’ positioning information.

Export is supported for all mesh layers except for imported 3D Tiles and BIM, 3DML created from models feature layers, and 3DML from SGS that do not have edit permission.

The areas for export can be defined in any of the following ways:

§  Based on all classification features in all mesh classification layers  

§  Based on selected classification layer features

§  Based on external feature layers

§  By drawing a polygon around a single model

In addition to the export methods supported from TerraExplorer user interface, additional export options can be performed from the SLMeshConverter command line tool. See "Importing and Exporting Using the Command Line" in this chapter for information.

To export a mesh layer to individual models:

1.      Select the mesh layer, and then on the 3D Mesh Layer tab, in the Mesh Layer group, click the arrow next to Export to Models and select one of the following:

§  If you want to export all areas, e.g., buildings, defined by the features in all 3DML classification layers, to individual OBJ models, select Export by All Classification Features.

§  If you want to export the areas, e.g., buildings, defined by the selected classification layer features, to individual OBJ models, select Export by Selected Features. Then select the required features in one of the classification layers, either manually or using spatial or attribute queries. See “Working with 3DML’s Feature Layers” in this chapter for information.

§  If you want to export the areas, e.g., buildings, defined by external feature layers (previously loaded into the project), to individual OBJ models, select Export by External Feature Layers. -

§  If you want to select a model for export to an individual OBJ model, by drawing a polygon around it, select Draw and Export Single Model. Then draw a polygon around the required model.

2.      The Export to Models dialog box is displayed.

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Export to Models Dialog Box

3.      If you selected Export by External Feature Layers, select the required feature layers.

4.      Browse to an Output Folder, and click Create.