Logging In to a SkylineGlobe Server

To log in to a SkylineGlobe Server:

1.      On the top right of the application ribbon, click Log in. The Login to SkylineGlobe Server dialog box is displayed.

Note:       If you are already logged in to a server and want to log in to a different one, first log out of the first server: on the top right of the application ribbon, click the arrow next to the User Name of the logged in user, and select Log out. Then log in to the required server with the required login information.

Login to SkylineGlobe Server Dialog Box

2.      Enter the login information and click Log in:




The Server Host Name, which is the URL link of the server. All recent servers are included in the drop-down list.

Note:   If you want to log in to a specific server site, use the following format: [server]/sg/[NameOfSite], e.g., http://www.skylineglobe.com/sg/SiteOne

Note:    If you have an access token, you can directly access SGS layers without entering a user name and password. An access token allows you to load and edit layers for which you have valid view/edit access, but not publish layers to SGS. The access token parameter should be appended to the end of your server URL, e.g., http://www.skylineglobe.com/SG?token=0cad22c2h96e4f8fbb91c8a7a9gb7387


User Name

User name to access the server (mandatory).


Enter the password.

Remember Password

Select this option to save the password. The password will be saved and will be displayed using asterisks the next time the SkylineGlobe Server dialog box is displayed.

The values that you enter for Server and User Name are saved. The next time you load this window, this information is automatically filled in.