Distributing Tools

For easy distribution of tools to TerraExplorer users, zip the actual tool, the tool’s .xml defining the tool, and all other resources used by the tool into a standard zip archive. Then rename the zip file to the TEZ extension. You can include multiple tools in a single TEZ file by having multiple folders in the archive, each with a tool.xml.

Once a TEZ is installed, the files will be saved to a predefined “Skyline\TerraExplorer” folder in the “Application Data” space of the current user.

Note:     If the folder contains a file by the same name, the existing file is overwritten without a prompt.

Note:     The Application Data folder path changes between different users and different Windows operating systems. To find the path used by your client look at the %APPDATA% environment variable.

All COM DLL’s referenced in tool.xml by <file> are dynamically registered and require no access to the computer registry.