Tool Settings

To define when a tool should run:

§   Set the <Tool> element’s attributes:

·          AutoStart - Automatically launch the tool when opening a FLY project.

·          RunOnce - Set the tool to run only once.

·          ShowOnVersionTypes - Define which of the applications in the TerraExplorer family should display this custom tool command.

·          NeedProject – Enable the tool command in the ribbon only if a project is currently open in TerraExplorer.

·          UseEdge – Opens the tool in the Microsoft Edge browser.


<Tool caption="Data Analysis" id="ACO009" Path="MyToolFolder\MyTool.html" NeedProject="0" ShowOnVersionTypes="3" RunOnce="1" AutoStart="1">




  <RibbonShow="1" Toggle="0"/>   



    <Panel x="30" y="60" width="300" height="200" ShowCaption="1/0"/>