Coordinate System

A coordinate system is a reference system used to represent the locations of project data within a common coordinate framework. A coordinate system can be projected (X, Y), geographic (latitude-longitude), or geocentric (X, Y, Z). Each coordinate system is defined by a Well-Known Text (WKT) definition string, a simple structured, text-based format for spatial reference system information that is easy to store and share between systems (See and A coordinate system can optionally include a vertical datum that defines the origin for height values.

All project layers must be displayed in the terrain coordinate system. When you add a new layer to a project, TerraExplorer tries to read its coordinate system. If TerraExplorer is able to do so, it automatically reprojects the layer to the project’s coordinate system. If the layer does not include coordinate system information or TerraExplorer is unable to read this information, you can indicate the coordinate system of this source, as provided by the data supplier, in the Coordinate System dialog. TerraExplorer then converts the layer data to the project’s coordinate system. Although the source file retains its original coordinate system, it is placed on the terrain according to the reprojection parameters.