Loading 3D Tiles from Cesium Ion and Google Earth

TerraExplorer can load mesh layers in 3D Tiles format from Cesium ion and Google Earth.

To load a Cesium ion asset:

1.     On the Home tab, in the Add group, click the arrow next to 3D Layer, and select 3D Tiles from URL. The Load 3D Tile – B3DM dialog is displayed.

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Load 3D Tile – B3DM Dialog

2.     In the 3D Tile Root URL field, paste the following string:

§  For Cesium -

ASSETID = The Cesium ion asset ID
TOKEN = The Cesium ion token

§  For Google Earth -
Where KEY = The API key that you used to access 3D Tiles service.

3.     Click Load. The 3D Tile is loaded into the project and listed in the Project Tree.