Publishing a Project to SkylineGlobe Server

The Publish to SkylineGlobe Server process publishes the entire project and all its layers, resources, and styling to SkylineGlobe Server, Skyline’s private cloud solution. Through a single publishing operation, the project is made available to desktop, mobile and TerraExplorer Fusion clients, as well as standard geospatial clients such as WFS/WFS-T/WMS/WMTS/3D Tiles (Cesium). The SkylineGlobe Server provides a comprehensive set of web services for publishing, storing, managing and streaming your 3D spatial data.

When publishing a project that was opened from SkylineGlobe Server, you can either publish it as a new FLY project or update the existing project on the server. If you choose to update the existing project, it will be published with the connection URL but as a separate version. This ensures that users automatically get the latest version of the project. In SGS Manager, you can select which version of a FLY layer should be served to TerraExplorer clients when loading the layer. By default, the latest version is served. See "Selecting a Layer Version" in the SGS User Manual for more information.