Searching for SkylineGlobe Layers

When the category mechanism is enabled in SkylineGlobe Server Manager for your site, a category tree displays on the SkylineGlobe Layers page, by which layers can easily be filtered according to their assigned category. When a category in the category tree is selected, the layer list is filtered to only show layers in this category. See the SkylineGlobe Server User Guide for more information. 

To search for a layer in the SkylineGlobe Layers dialog:

1.     If you want to search for layers whose property information contains a specific string (e.g., ID, Name, Data Source), do the following:

a.     In the Search String field, type a search string or enter an attribute, condition, and value and click Insert String uploadbutton.gif. The search expression is displayed in the Search string field.

b.     If you want to include additional strings in your search expression, select a connector: and.gifand OR, and repeat step a for the next condition.

2.     If you want to search according to geographic location, do the following:

a.     Click Set Bounding Box, and select the required region by drawing a rectangle on the map on the right side of the page around the area to which the search is confined

b.     From the Map field, select one of the following:

·         Do Not Use – To ignore the bounding box.

·         Contained – If you want to search only for layers whose entire geometry fall within the bounding box.

·         Intersect – If you want to search for all layers whose geometry intersect at any point with the bounding box.

c.     If you want to clear the bounding box, click Clear.

3.     Click Search. Your search results are displayed in the search results list at the bottom of the page.