Working with 3DML’s Feature Layers

Mesh layers created from point feature layers with individually referenced 3D model files, imported BIM layers, and mesh layers classified using the legacy Classify Mesh Layer tools include associated feature layers that are pre-processed with their respective mesh layers. These feature layers support many of the editing, analysis, and querying capabilities available for standard feature layers, including:

§  Spatial queries to select features within a particular geographical area.

§  Use of the attribute information included in a 3DML’s feature layers to display only selected areas of the mesh model that match a specific attribute value.

§  Basing of feature properties such as tint and tooltip on the feature’s attribute values.

§  Data searches using the Attribute Table Tool to easily edit the attribute values of multiple features or create a new shapefile based on the filtered data.

§  Modification of basic layer and feature properties (a limited subset of a standard feature layer’s properties) from the layer’s property sheet.