Build Realistic 3D Map Data Fast and At Scale 

Skyline's Authoring Tools Provide Everything You Need to Create Accurate, Actionable 3D Map Data

Skyline's Authoring tools include PhotoMesh, TerraBuilder and TerraExplorer.  Our advanced platform enables you to create 2D & 3D map data and view, query, analyze, and present that data, when and where you need it.
  • Create precision 3D mesh models with PhotoMesh.
  • Quickly build cohesive, geographically accurate, 3D terrain databases with TerraBuilder.
  • Edit, analyze, and publish projects with TerraExplorer.

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Create Accurate 3D Mesh Models With PhotoMesh®

Unlimited Scalability

PhotoMesh handles hundreds of millions of images using a sophisticated distributed processing approach within an AWS environment or on your local computer cluster. 


Export to various multi-resolution 3D models (3DML, OSGB DAE, OBJ, I3S), rasters (TrueOrtho, DSM, DTM) and point clouds (LAS), ensuring full interoperability with 2D/3D GIS platforms.

Cost Efficient

Two pay-as-you-go options allow you to match project costs to delivery schedules, time-based or data-based, which can be used separately or in combination. 

PhotoMesh Details

Quickly Build Cohesive, Geographically Accurate 3D Terrain Databases with TerraBuilder®

Combine All Your Data Layers Seamlessly For Optimal 3D Results

Manipulate and merge aerial photos, satellite images, and digital elevation models of different sizes and resolutions to create geographically accurate, detailed scenes.

Advanced Algorithms Equal Efficiency & Savings

TerraBuilder runs its efficient algorithms fluidly on standard, low-cost GPU’s or exploits computer clusters and cloud computing to accelerate database creation. Preview Mode allows you to preview and correct problematic areas before MPT file creation.

Share Published Files

The completed TerraBuilder project can be processed into an MPT and then loaded directly in TerraExplorer or published to remote TE clients, or the TBP can be directly published for streaming without pre-processing from Skyline’s SkylineGlobe Server.  Manage and Share information across your organization.

TerraBuilder Details

Edit and Publish Geo-Referenced Projects from 3D Terrain, 3D Mesh, Lidar, BIM, Raster and More With TerraExplorer Pro®

Use with Your Existing Technology

TerraExplorer is interoperable with your technology, supporting a wide range of formats including WFS/WFS-T, DAE, 3DS, X, FLT, WMS/WMTS, FBX, Tiff, JPEG, MrSID, ECW, IMG Shapefile, KML/KMZ, SQLite and more.

Build Accurate, Actionable Content

Our advanced tools for analysis, display, spatial queries, comparison, optimization, layer classification, and BIM capabilities allow you to build a data set that provides a complete, and actionable picture.

Easily Create and Share Custom Presentations

Create custom presentations for your stakeholders. Use predefined flight routes or build your own. Enhance 3D models using light sources, shadow effects dynamic objects and video on terrain. Utilize the Oculus VR Integration for a truly customized experience that provides a unique and powerful perspective of your data. 

TerraExplorer for Desktop

Skyline's Authoring tools can be sold bundled together, or separately. Contact us today to find out more about purchase options or to request a free trial