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Quickly and Securely Edit, Save, and Publish Geospatial Content to any Device

Publish, Store, Manage and Stream 2D and 3D Geospatial Data Using
Secure Private Cloud Hosting With SkylineGlobe Server

Easily Manage Secure User Access

Keep your data safe with robust user authentication. Restrict user groups to predefined data folders. Control multi-level user access (None, Only Me, My Group, or Everyone).

OGC Compliant

Stream raster, and feature data to any application that reads the standard OGC WFS, WFS-T, WMS, and WMTS protocols. Make your data available online in an open, internationally recognized format. Remote clients can edit feature layers and save changes to the data source. Outputs WMS/WMTS tiles in JPEG and PNG formats.

User Friendly Centralized Management

Control and monitor all services: Terrain, Feature, Maps, 3D Mesh, and Point Cloud. Control and monitor your SkylineGlobe servers. Manage users and user groups.

SkylineGlobe Server

Share Your Geospatial Data to End Users Via TerraExplorer Mobile App

Access Critical Data in the Field

Mobile optimized UI extends the reach of 3D GIS from the office to the field allowing online viewing and editing. Load offline data published by TerraExplorer Pro.

Easily Customize the UI to Your Specs

Utilize full API for feature development. Customize the app and apply localization, your branding and functionality. Add and remove menu entries and forms. 

Robust Tools Adapted for Remote Users

Seamlessly navigate, explore, edit and analyze geospatial layers fused for realistic visualization including terrain, GIS feature, image and elevation raster, and urban models. 

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View and Analyze High-Resolution, 3D Content via Web Browser (no Plug-in Required) With TerraExplorer for Web

Ready to Use and Fully Accessible

Start viewing 3D GIS Data immediately. No plugins, downloads or installation required. Multi-browser accessible: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox. Meets HTML5/WebGL standards. 

Explore and Analyze 3D Geospatial Content

Explore various geospatial data types including terrain, GIS feature layers, Imagery and elevation layers, KML layers and urban model layers. Measure and analyze distance and area, and graphic terrain profiles with highly accurate analysis tools.

Extends Cesium Functionality

Built on the powerful Cesium open source library, TerraExplorer for Web further extends the core functionality with additional capabilities and enhanced performance.

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