About TerraExplorer Fusion 

TerraExplorer Fusion is a powerful 3D geospatial viewer that enables you to view and analyze high-resolution, stunningly realistic 3D content right in your web browser with no download or installation required. TerraExplorer Fusion enables viewing of most online layers and objects published to SkylineGlobe Server, performing powerful measurements and analysis operations, and dynamically exploring the 3D World via presentations which merge a custom flight path with distinct displays of the project. Built on HTML5/ WebGL standards, TerraExplorer Fusion ensures compatibility with multiple platforms and browsers.

The new TerraExplorer Fusion is based on TerraExplorer Desktop source code converted to WebAssembly. This conversion technology provides exceptional compatibility, enabling most of the original TerraExplorer Desktop code to run as-is in web browsers with numerous advantages, including support for nearly all the layers and objects supported by the Desktop version, consistent API for code sharing, and powerful performance.

TerraExplorer Fusion’s styling and functionality can easily be customized to match a company's branding and provide the required tools and capabilities. Using TerraExplorer Fusion (TEF) as a foundation, you can leverage the application framework and functionality, thus reducing the amount of programming required for your customized solution.

Product Capabilities:

Explore Data – TerraExplorer Fusion supports a comprehensive range of online geospatial layers streamed from SkylineGlobe Server and other online services. These include imagery, elevation, 3D mesh, point cloud, and feature layers, along with various types of objects and effects.

Measure and Analyze – Robust measurement, comparison, terrain analysis, and line of sight tools make it easy to extract vital intelligence from your geospatial data.

Data Query – The Information Query tool provides you with data about any point or object in the 3D World. For a point on the terrain, precise location and elevation information is provided, while for a feature object, the tool also displays the object’s perimeter and area, and attribute information if available. 

Optimized Performance – Fast loading times and smooth navigation.

Lightweight Online Viewer – Based on the HTML/WebGL standard, TerraExplorer Fusion requires no plugin or application installation.

Multi-Platform, Multi-Browser – TerraExplorer Fusion provides support for multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux) and multiple web browsers (Chrome, Edge).