Loading 3D Mesh Layers

TerraExplorer Pro loads a 3D mesh layer as a layer object, which is then displayed in the Project Tree. After loading the layer from file or server, you can set its appearance and parameters in the layer’s property sheet.

You can load 3D mesh layers in 3DML, Open3DML or OGC 3D Tiles formats:

§  3DML or Open3DML from File

§  3DML from SkylineGlobe Server

§  3DML from TerraGate SFS (Legacy support)

§  OGC 3D Tiles from SGS

§  OGC 3D Tiles from Cesium Ion

You can also import the following formats and convert to 3DML:

§  DAE (LODTreeExport.xml)

§  OpenScene Graph (OSGB)

§  3D Tiles (tileset.json)

§  Building Information Modeling (BIM)