Defense & Intelligence

3D geospatial visualization tools for mission success

Defense & Intelligence​

Industry Applications

Accurate and actionable 3D geospatial data for precision mission planning

Evaluate potential approaches to a target based on surrounding terrain, possible choke points and other critical information. TerraExplorer comes equipped with both traditional terrain analysis tools and advanced geospatial analysis capabilities including: line of sight, viewshed analysis, and threat dome.
Walk troops step-by-step through 3D, photo-realistic, geographically accurate visualizations of anticipated operational situations. After a mission, accurately reenact the military operation, evaluate each progressive step, and update or modify the 3D model based on new intelligence.

View live updates to imagery, terrain, and assets, as well as friendly and enemy forces location information, as real-time sensor data becomes available.

Vast amounts of updated imagery and elevation data can be made accessible within minutes so that deployment plans and lines of attack can be modified to reflect the latest intelligence and tactical information.

Multi-sensor data fusion combined with robust tools for collection and management of imagery, elevation, and feature layers enable the creation of photo-realistic, geographically accurate databases.

Analyze and track critical assets with advanced tools

With TerraExplorer’s interfaces to military-specific data feeds, Cursor-on-Target, standard GPS feeds, and specific UAV platforms, users can view real-time information from multiple sensor sources within the relevant geospatial context.

High-resolution 3D models of operational spaces provide a unified and detailed landscape. TerraExplorer’s tools provide essential and accurate analytic information. 

Create a terrain database on-the-fly, using the latest satellite pictures of a target area.  Feature layers added to the 3D terrain, such as mine fields, utility lines and communication infrastructure further increase situational awareness.

Automated change detection allows for quantitative and qualitative comparisons of the operational space, at different points in time. Use the Photo Inspector tool to verify valuable intelligence and exploit geospatial information. 

Key Features and Capabilities

Easy Collaboration Tools
Virtual Reality Integration
STANAG Icons and Nomenclature
Static and Dynamic Viewsheds
Threat Dome, Line of Sight
Terrain Analysis
Real-Time Sensor Integration
Georegistered Video on Terrain
Open Standard Compliant
Cursor on Target
Fusion of Lidar and Multi-Spectral Data
3D Change Detection

Defense Demo

Interactive Defense Demo

To run the defense demo project in TerraExplorer Desktop on your own computer, follow the steps below:

1. Download and install TerraExplorer Desktop Viewer

2. Download our Military Demo Live project, and save it on your local disk

3. Browse to the saved project and double-click on Military Demo 2022 – Object to open the project with TerraExplorer.

4. In TerraExplorer’s Project Tree, double-click Run Me: Skyline Military Demo to play the presentation

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