Mapping & Surveying

Optimize Your Data Collection with Skyline’s Proven Geospatial Solutions

Industry Applications

  • Large-Scale Area Mapping
  • Localized Area Mapping
  • Update & Analyze Changes
Skyline provides a proven platform to complete commercial mapping operations from image collection to accurate, geo-referenced digital twins.
Make the most of your data collection:
  • Generate 3D (and 2D) Geospatial Products automatically
  • Output into industry standard formats
  • Unlimited project size and scaling
  • Full compatibility with all geographic Projections and Vertical Datums
  • Deliver information anywhere
  • Our flexible, budget friendly, performance-based solutions allow you to customize based on your project requirements and needs providing you with the perfect platform to leverage your image data for additional revenue generation.
    Skyline enables processing of images from any source, and integration of different platforms for best quality and resolution in focus areas.

    Combine Aerial Images from high altitude with Drone Images from low altitude in a single environment.  Including co-registration with LiDAR from either Aerial or Terrestrial platforms to achieve street-level visualization and modeling and engineering grade accuracy and precision.  A robust Aerial Triangulation engine with an interactive control point editing and measurement for verification of accuracy and quality reporting.

    Repeatable processing of areas over time for monitoring progress and change analysis. Built in workflow for referencing of new data with previous datasets to ensure consistency and relative accuracy of outputs, which enhances the ability to detect change and compare areas over time.

    For many applications in the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction (AEC), as well as Agriculture, Mining, Utility Monitoring, and Inspection. In recent years the availability of data on demand from increasingly professional Drone captures has created a need to be able to process data in short turnaround and ensure accuracy between collects. Skyline’s PhotoMesh and additional set of tools allow the data to be utilized with common Ground Control Points, or reference points between existing datasets and new datasets. With fully actionable 3D data, TerraExplorer includes tools to automatically detect change between layers, perform volume calculations, 2D and 3D measurements, and view the layers over time. With these capabilities any time-sensitive and live project becomes accessible to end users and industry professionals in an intuitive and enriched environment, and increases the value of the data for real time analytics, decision making, and reporting.

    Key Features and Capabilities

    Variety of Sensor Inputs
    Multiple Output Formats
    Full Geographic Projection
    Vertical Datum supportS
    Ground Control Points
    Data Layers
    Embedded Mesh Converter

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