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A leading geospatial technology provider of aerial imagery and analytics. In partnership with Skyline, they offer customers oblique imagery, 3D mesh models, point clouds, and analytic software.


IGI is one of the world's leading geospatial companies and conducts business worldwide. IGI’s customized concept provides modular, but also durable and easy to use, turn-key solutions, which offer high end quality in its deliverables at the best possible accuracy. This ensures that clients achieve sustainable and smart geospatial solutions.


WaldoAir designs and develops the most complete, low cost, turnkey imaging systems in the world. Whether your projects require RGB, NIR, oblique, or thermal, WaldoAir has the hardware you require.


Lead'Air Inc. is a Florida Corporation that develops, designs, manufactures, and sells high performance aerial survey equipment and flight management solutions tailor-made to the specific needs of its aerial survey industry clients. First established in 1995 as Track'Air BV in Europe then as Lead'Air Inc in 2001 in the USA, Lead'Air has delivered 100's of aerial systems worldwide, with an established reputation for quality and support.


ProDelta utilizes remote sensing, mobile data and advanced analytics in linear construction and site closure projects. ProDelta’s system work in near real time, reducing the timeline for stake holders to make decisions, saving clients millions of dollars and reducing the schedule of any project.