Emergency Response

3D GIS in Support of Disaster Management

Industry Applications

  • Remote Damage Assessment
  • Situation Modeling
  • Logistical Planning
Generate high-fidelity 2D and 3D models from aerial imagery to reduce the need for on-site personnel.

In the aftermath of natural disasters, the SkylineGlobe suite has been critical in providing the information, visualization and analysis tools that help emergency responders work faster and more efficiently to restore order, as well as keep the affected community well-informed of relief efforts and recovery progress.

2D True Orthos and 3D models of the affected areas vastly improve situational awareness by helping to identify critical flooding issues, manage debris, and assess damage to roads, dams, bridges, infrastructure, and individual property.

Prepare for potential disasters with accurate 3D models of infrastructure and terrain and powerful analytic tools.

Create simulations and models in a comprehensive digital twin to identify risk and plan for the impacts of potential disaster scenarios, such as floods, hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires.

Rehearse offsite response plans to anticipated operational situations using 3D, photo-realistic, visualizations created through fusion of large and disparate data sets. Communicate information to stakeholders with customized presentations that translate critical information in realistic, interactive 3D environments.

Skyline’s interactive platform empowers effective and efficient planning, tracking, and management of disaster response. 

With immediate access to multiple data sources, decision makers have the tools and information they need to assess and manage any situation.

Pre-disaster satellite imagery can be combined with precise data from other sources, enabling easy visualization, classification, and analysis, thus dramatically speeding up vital resource allocation and deployment.

Key Features and Capabilities

Change detection
Analytic tools for measurement and reporting
AI analytic tools
High fidelity 3D mesh
CAD model integration
Data Fusion

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