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Industry applications

  • Virtual Tourism
  • Preservation & Site Management
  • Interactive Presentations & Exhibits
Create accurate, immersive, and interactive virtual 3D models to enable people to experience places of interest remotely.

Virtual tourism allows people to visit and explore places that might otherwise be inaccessible due to environmental, preservation, or safety concerns. Skyline’s platform empowers users to experience an interactive and explorable 3D virtual environment.
With VR integration, users can immerse themselves in high resolution, 3-dimentional, 360° models.

Digitally monitor environmental and cultural sites with high fidelity 3D models.

Identify changes and trends over time with TerraExplorer’s automatic change detection tool. Manage threats, whether human or environmental, to protect irreplaceable sites for the future.

Plan for site development, reconstruction, and responsible excavation in a realistic digital twin. Juxtapose future projects and accurate 3D models of existing structures and terrain to minimize negative impacts.

With TerraExplorer’s presentation tools you can create interactive educational content for use in museum exhibits, educational videos, and social media.

SkylineGlobe Server’s web publishing features enable online sharing with the public.

Enhance curricula with virtual site visits and field trips, putting information into a spatial and visual context.

Key Features and Capabilities

Detailed and accurate 3D
3D CAD integration
Presentation tools
Change detection tool
Volume and distance measurement


Photo Credit: National Geographic

High resolution 3D models incorporating various data, including aerial imagery, LiDAR, etc

Mt. Everest Basecamp

Photo Credit: National Geographic & Rolex.

Experience difficult to access sites remotely and safely

Mt. Vernon

Share online with the public

Tower of London

Model complete historic sites and districts for comprehensive digital twin