Skyline Reseller Evaluation Request

For a Cloud license, skip the steps below since no machine code is necessary. The form details are still required.

Current Skyline resellers can request evaluation licenses for their company or clients by filling out this form.

Follow these steps to request your evaluation licenses:

1. Request your evaluation version of Skyline software by filling out the form. A machine code will be required.

2. To generate your machine code, click the link below to download the Skyline License Registration tool.

3. Open the License Code Generator on your computer, view and copy the 16 digit code in the machine code field on the form – see example of how to locate the code. The X’s demonstrate the format and location of the code. 

4. Submit the form and check your email for next steps. 

Customer Details:
Product of interest
*Only required for machine code license

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Need Technical Support?

If you have any technical support questions please visit our technical support page