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For over 20 years Skyline has set the standard for 3D geospatial visualization and production, enabling enterprises to build, edit, navigate, query, and analyze realistic 3D environments and efficiently distribute them to users fast, and at-scale. We invite you to try any of our solutions for free for 14 days and see for yourself why Skyline Software has proven successful by companies in the Defense and Commercial sectors.


"Skyline’s software has played a critical role in the efficient
management of this rather massive project, but even more
importantly, it has enabled us to share plans with the public in
such a way that they could accurately envision what would be
built six years later. We were able to allay many concerns in
this way, as well as receive valuable feedback that led to
adjustments of the final design. With the construction phase
complete, the comprehensive 3D visualization that we created
will continue to be invaluable for operational management,
maintenance, and customer service."
Phillip Bour
Rail Project Integrator
IGO France

“We are now able to take a 2D oblique product and deliver 
a realistic 3D environment with enhanced viewing, query,
analysis and reporting options. The value that users are
going to discover as a result of this software fusion is
something the market has really never seen before.”
Mike Wernau
Oblique Project Manager 


Product Solutions

PhotoMesh® - 3D Mesh Creator -  automatically converts oblique and nadir photographs from street view, drones, UAV and planes to high-resolution, textured, 3D mesh models (3DML).

  • Grid computing and tiling mechanism support ever-increasing dataset sizes

  • Accurate representation of intricate features, details, geometry, and color

  • Compatible with vast number of CAD and 3D solutions

TerraBuilder® - Terrain & Urban Database Builder - merges orthophotos, DEM and DSM raster files of different sizes and resolutions into a photo-realistic, geographically accurate 3D terrain database (MPT).

  • Supports a wide range or layer types

  • flexible layer manipulation - wide range of editing tools for maximum precision

  • preview mode allows you correct  problematic areas before finalizing creation

TerraExplorer Pro® - Geospatial Visualization and Dissemination Tool - powerful tool for editing and publishing geo-referenced projects from 3D terrain, 3D mesh, Lidar, BIM, raster and feature databases.  

  • Supports a wide range of formats including, WFS/WFS-T, DAE, 3DS, X, FLT, WMS/WMTS, FBX, Tiff, JPEG, MrSID, ECW, IMG Shapefile, KML/KMZ, SQLite

  • Advanced tools for analysis, display, spatial queries, comparison, optimization, BIM capabilities and more.

  • Create presentations with customized flight routes and easily share with stakeholders

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