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TerraExplorer for Desktop v7.2.1

Version 7.2.1 includes a variety of performance-enhancing features as well as fixes.

Release: May 4, 2020

View TED v7.2.1 Release Notes

The latest update of the powerful TerraExplorer for Desktop delivers added capabilities and improved functioning. Added capabilities include ability to import and convert Vricon 3D tiles, enhanced OSGB import, SGS custom authentication, new USB license key, and minor bug fixes.

Import and Convert Vricon 3D Tiles
Vricon 3D models can now be streamed in 3D Tiles format directly from the Vricon web server or imported and automatically converted to the stream optimized, 3DML mesh layer format. This enables them to be streamed with SkylineGlobe Server and merged with classification information so that you can access attribute data and perform feature layer operations on the mesh layer.

TED 721 ReleaseNotesEnhanced OSGB Import
Improvements to the OSGB conversion tool to support different formats.

SGS Custom Authentication
SkylineGlobe Server provides the option for full customization of your server’s authentication and authorization system. A server admin can create and provide a custom DLL that will be loaded by SGS at runtime, which includes a public class controlling user access to SGS.
Skyline also offers an out-of-the-box custom authentication implementation. Authentication requests can be forwarded automatically to a microservice based on Identity Server, which was customized for common Skyline customer use-cases, including PKI, LDAP, and OpenID.

New USB License Key
New license hardware key technology – that plugs into the USB port of your computer to allow the operation of TEP.

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SkylineGlobe Server and TerraExporer for Web v7.2.3

Release: April 4, 2020

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This release improves overall stability and performance and provides minor bug fixes.

Among the issues addressed are:  

  • Corrected problem with altitude of 3D Tiles loaded into TerraExplorer for Web (SGS-1740).
  • Fixed the dynamic updating of 3DML SGS layers in TerraExplorer for Desktop (SGS-1764).
  • Resolved issues that affected the setting of default sites in SGS (SGS-1767).
  • Fixed problems with TE4W display of attribute messages for feature layers published to SGS from TerraExplorer Pro (SGS-1779).

For a complete list of bug fixes, please see official release notes.

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TerraExplorer App v7.2

Version 7.2 delivers more power and performance

Release: April 15, 2020

Skyline’s new TerraExplorer mobile app vastly expands capabilities and performance, with faster and smoother loading and rendering of even massive layers and models, and powerful additions to its arsenal of analysis tools. In this release are enhanced mesh layer capabilities, expanded advanced objects’ support, increased support for on-terrain and on-model drawing modes, and all-new API interfaces

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The TerraExplorerApp is a 3D GIS viewer that enables users to view high-resolution, stunningly realistic SkylineGlobe 3D content. The app can display most of your spatial databases including 3D city layers and feature layers, and it provides powerful tools to query, analyze and present your data on the go. The TerraExplorerApp integrates seamlessly with the entire Skyline product line for easy access to all your data – from photo-realistic, geographically accurate terrain databases created in TerraBuilder to PhotoMesh’s high-resolution, textured, 3D mesh models. In addition, the TerraExplorerApp allows users to effortlessly accesses online data from Skyline’s SkylineGlobe server and other OGC-compliant servers, and quickly loads online TerraExplorer projects. The app comes installed with a link to a demo project that introduces you to some of the mobile functionality.

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PhotoMesh v7.6.2

Release: March 25, 2020

View the PhotoMesh v7.6.2 Release Notes

In addition to few bug fixes and advance flags to overcome minor reconstruction issues, the main new function of this release is the Linux support for the PM fuser. 

PhotoMesh Fuser 7.6.2 can now run on Linux as well as Windows operating systems. This is exciting news for users of Amazon Web Services (AWS). On AWS, Linux fuser instances offer a significant cost advantage over Windows instances. In addition to being considerably less expensive than Windows instances, Linux instances are billed in one second increments, while Windows instances are billed by the hour. This drastically reduces the amount of unused minutes and seconds and can amount to significant savings.

For on-premises computers, using Linux saves the Windows license costs, and enables the use of existing Linux-based resources.

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PhotoMesh 7.6.2

PhotoMesh v.7.6.2

TerraExplorer for Desktop v7.2

Release: February 28, 2020

View the TerraExplorer for Desktop 7.2 Release Notes

TerraExplorer is a cutting-edge 3D GIS desktop viewer and creator that delivers powerful tools and a high-resolution 3D environment in which to view, query, analyze and present geospatial data. The latest release of TerraExplorer version 7.2 has multiple upgrades and enhanced capabilities that take 3D GIS data visualization farther than ever before.

Among these upgrades are the following: a 3DML export tool that allows users to export 3D mesh to Cesium 3D tiles and I3S formats, new abilities to import and convert Cesium 3D tiles and OSGB mesh layers to 3DML, substantial measurement tool enhancements that improve capabilities and usability, new styling copy-paste options, and enhanced support for Oculus Rift VR.  Virtual reality upgrades enable users to interact more intuitively and effectively with the Oculus Rift virtual reality system, for a fully immersive experience within Skyline’s actionable 3D environments.

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PhotoMesh v7.6.1

Release: February 1, 2020

This release contains several performance improvements and minor bug fixes. v&.6.1 has improved AT processing times in large projects, output generation, ability to save changes to water polygons and control point coordinate systems, LiDAR display on terrain, creation of mesh ground layer (Bare Earth Digital Terrain Model), and more. Release includes new usability boosts with enhanced API and automation tools, Fuser Pool Mechanism enabling dynamic sharing of fusers between several PhotoMesh managers, and a simplified method for defining collection properties (collectionProperties.xml).

Also featured is a new GigaPixel mechanism (PhotoMesh GX) allowing you to pre-purchase a bank of GigaPixel Credits (GPCs), load them to your local Skyline Floating License Server (SFLS), and automatically apply them towards production PhotoMesh projects.

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PhotoMesh v7.6.1 

PhotoMesh v7.6.0 

Release: January 1, 2020

 Product Release Notes PDF

The PhotoMesh 7.6 release features a new gigapixel mechanism that allows you to pre-purchase a bank of gigapixel credits, load them to your local Skyline Floating License Server (SFLS), and automatically apply them towards different PhotoMesh projects. PhotoMesh 7.6 boosts usability with new API and automation tools, fuser pools that enable you to dynamically share fusers between several PhotoMesh managers, and an easy method for defining collection properties (collectionProperties.xml).

Also highlighted in this release are multi-band support, a new connection map AT review tool, and various performance enhancements including improved input/output operations, a new model simplification algorithm and new AT settings that optimize the aerotriangulation process.

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TerraExplorer for Web 7.2.1

Release: October 16, 2019
View the TerraExplorer for Web Release Notes 

TerraExplorer for Web seamlessly accesses online data from Skyline’s SkylineGlobe server and other OGC-compliant servers, and quickly loads online TerraExplorer projects. Based on HTML5/WebGL standards, TerraExplorer for Web provides support for multiple platforms and browsers (Windows, Mac, Linux, and selected mobile devices, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Internet Explorer and more).

Some of the feature updates include; Expanded Support for On-Terrain Drawing Mode, Faster, smoother loading of 3D mesh layers, Increased frame rate to support lower hardware configuration settings, Improved Support for BIM/CAD Models, and more.



SkylineGlobe Server 

Release: October 16, 2019
View the SkylineGlobe Server Release Notes 

(SGS) is a private cloud solution that provides a comprehensive set of web services for publishing, storing, managing and streaming 3D spatial data.



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TerraExplorer for Desktop
v 7.1.0

Release: May 28, 2019
View TerraExplorer 7.1.0 Release Notes

The new TerraExplorer for Desktop release contains updates that include expanded mesh layer capabilities, including the integration directly in TEP of CityBuilder’s 3DML classification tools, support for import and conversion of BIM and DAE formats to the stream-optimized 3DML, export of 3DML to individual models, and attribute-based display and colorization of BIM and other mesh layers. Also highlighted in this release are new powerful analysis tools including buffer query and elevation difference, improved CPT and feature layer capabilities, and support for the immersive Oculus Rift virtual reality system.





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PhotoMesh 7.5.1

Release: February 25, 2019
View PhotoMesh 7.5.1 Release Notes 

The new PhotoMesh release features increased photo and Lidar support and expanded AT, reconstruction and output settings. PhotoMesh’s new reconstruction and output settings enable you to select the algorithm that best accommodates each input dataset, to ensure optimized results even with more complex datasets. New AT settings improve the accuracy and success rate of the aerotriangulation process by providing greater control over the weight assigned to different input sources based on their reliability and other factors. The new release also offers increased support for 16-bit TIFF and Lidar, as well as improvements to overall stability and performance.


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SkylineGlobe Server 7.2.0

Release: July 10, 2018
View SkylineGlobe Server 7.2.0 Release Notes

The new SkylineGlobe Server v7 replaces Skyline’s TerraGate v6 and SFS v6 products, adding many new functions that provide an enhanced cloud solution. The server’s built-in complete user access control system allows easy management of users, groups and administrative roles controlling the server-side storage and client-side read/write permissions.


SGS Virual Sites

New virtual sites mechanism provides a scalable, resource-efficient solution for hosting multiple sites.

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TerraExplorer for Web 7.2.0

Release: July 10, 2018
View TerraExplorer for Web 7.2.0 Release Notes

This latest version of TerraExplorer for Web (TE4W), a lightweight 3D GIS viewer that enables you to view high-resolution, has enhanced features and tools including support for 3d mesh layers, a turbo-charged measurement tool, volume analysis and save measurement tools, video on terrain object, and enhanced rendering effects. And now Imagery layers from the MapBox web service can be loaded by TerraExplorer for Web.



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