Skyline 3D visualization products used to plan and manage security for the G7 summit in Cornwall

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Romsey Hampshire – July 8, 2021 – SkylineGlobe UK’s TerraExplorer and PhotoMesh products provided valuable tools and 3D data for the planning and operation of security before and during the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

Devon and Cornwall Police used Skyline products to create 3D visualizations for all the G7 venues and their surrounding areas. These included resource locations, operational boundaries, routes between venues, 3d viewsheds, logistic boundaries, observation points, cordon rotations, logistic points of interest, and helicopter landing sites.   The visualizations were used by venue commanders, drone teams, counter terrorism teams, firearms teams, and local resilience forums to plan and coordinate their work.

A wide range of datasets were specifically captured for the event and detailed 3D mesh models were created for some of the venues in Skyline PhotoMesh. Building interiors were modeled by point clouds and surrounding localities displayed using terrain models and orthophotos. 

Rob Goldsmith of Devon and Cornwall Police said: “Skyline’s TerraExplorer proved to be an invaluable tool for the visualization of complex 3D GIS data. The software allowed us to create 3D models of locations of interest ranging from building interiors right up to entire towns and districts.

“This data became a critical tool for briefing officers, creating plans, viewing resources and analysing potential threats. The software was used across the organisation with multiple agencies highlighting the value they found in using the tools available to them.”

David Loescher, Managing Director of SkylineGLobe UK commented, “We have provided solutions for UK security and intelligence customers for over 10 years, and it is exciting to see the increasing value that 3D mesh models and other 3D data can provide for the planning and execution of major events such as G7.

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